Why I stopped Blogging… Or Did I ?

I started blogging in the winter of 2009 and the reason for starting that was a combination of the fact that I had some free time and I was passionate about couple of things in life – family and gadgets !!!! And of course, I felt that I had something to share on the topic. Another reason was the desire to record my experiences for future nostalgia 🙂

However, I almost completely stopped blogging in Jan of 2010. So what happened? Well, I used to have the free time to blog during my commute hours (I was taking the bus to office). So, of course, when I started driving to office, the blog entries dried up since its a bit tough to drive and type 🙂

So, here I was feeling a bit guilty about not blogging but then realized that I was actually blogging all along and probably so have you without realising. Back in Oct 2008, Wired ran a post on how traditional blogging is being replaced by social/micro blogging. And of course, I then realised that’s what happened when I stopped writing my blog entries. In the past year, my facebook wall has approximately 150 entries with multiple photos and videos to boot. I have been social blogging without realising it. In the same period, I had approx. 60 twitter entries (I am not that big a twitter fan). So, I have also been micro blogging a bit and not realized that either.

Thus facebook and twitter has been filling my need to express my experiences and thoughts with a close-knit audience as well as maintaining a pretty good record of the precious moments in life. It filled the need that was previously filled by the blog entries.

However, one major flaw or quality (depends on how you look at it) of social/micro blogging is how it mirrors the fast pace of our lives. Traditional blogs represent a more thoughtful reflection of the life we live and moments / things we enjoy. On the other hand, Social / micro blog is  most often a quick judgement on many things with perhaps little thought / reflection or explanation, which is a sad parallel to the lives we live today. This is  perhaps one of the reasons that I will try and write traditional blogs more often again. Lets hope I don’t get lost again in the hustle and bustle we call life today.


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