iVivek is back …..

After a 6 months hiatus, I have decided on kick starting this blog again. Though I havent been blogging, I havent stopped  gadgeting (switching from 1 gadget to another). To recount, I have tried out the HTC evo on the sprint network (the best android phone that’s out there) for a month, bought Amazon Kindle (the best e reader out there), spent couple of days doing hands on with 4-5 Windows 7 phones and of course bought the coolest device out there (the Ipad). And stood in line to buy iphone 4 (but didn’t actually get it). And don’t forget the Apple TV 🙂

So I have been busy and I am itching to share my experiences with you through this portal. And the best way to start this off is by an in-depth review of the iPad, the device that has had my attention since the last 6 months and has already transformed my lifestyle and habits in this very short period.

So watch this space …..