Google Vs Apple: the way I see it

It all started when Google launched Android and it reached a crescendo when Apple refused the Google Voice App. But is it really Google Vs Apple? And who loses from it? Me ? Me being an apple fanboy with an iPhone.

Yes and No. And “No” does not signify that I am in denial 🙂 Hear me out.

Yes I definetly miss out on really cool apps from google (voice, latitude, navigation etc.). But Google misses out too because sadly there are alternatives to that in the ever growing app store. So it Misses out on millions of iPhone users including me. And we are certainly not going to switch to an android phone any soon. So does google care? It should because android will certainly not wipe out iphone in my lifetime. Not even close. So, it cannot ignore such a huge consumer base for long especially since it knows that any of its app would become the No. 1 App on the app store in a heartbeat. Does Apple care? Not really. 100-150k apps trump a few apps from Google any day and dilutes the significance of the issue. However, it should relent just so that it does not disenchant its loyal fans due to all the bad PR that its got because of this.

But does apple care about the android platform? You betcha. And maybe the shutting out of Google Apps is a offshoot of its bigger strategy to outdo Android. Since MS failed to step up and pose any serious challenge to Apple Iphone, Google stepped up and in a big way. Everybody agrees that Android will be challenging the iphone pretty soon. So what happens now? Well this is exactly what an Iphone user wanted – someone to give tough competition to iphone to keep Apple on its toes so that the updates and enhancements keep coming. And this is healthy competition and as per conventional wisdom, when companies compete, consumers win.

It will however be interesting to see who comes on the top. These are 2 companies with very different philosophies and business model – one charges for everything and the other offers everything for free, one believes in tight control over its users and the other believes in total freedom. So as I said, its going to be really interesting.

I will not touch on the brewing OS battle between the companies – Apple is supposedly releasing the apple tablet and companies (like the eviGroup) are already out with an android based wallet and a tablet. But as I said .. That discussion is for another day since my bus is reaching home and this is all I have time for 🙂


3 comments on “Google Vs Apple: the way I see it

  1. But Google misses out too because sadly there are alternatives to that in the ever growing app store. So it Misses out on millions of iPhone users including me.

    I’m going to have to respectfully disagree here. Apple is primarily in the hardware business. It also makes software (iTunes, Safari, Mac OS X, Mail), but it makes the big bucks from selling iPhones, iPods, and Macs. Google, on the other hand, is primarily (well, until the supposed “Nexus One” gets released, exclusively) in the software and services business.

    So as long as those iPhone users are using GMail or Google search, then Google is fine with people using the iPhone. Sure, they’d prefer everyone be using Android. Google can still profit quite well from iPhone users, though.

    • But google is not just gmail & search anymore. They want ppl to use the new apps they are creating and it must somehow fit into their revenue model or else they won’t be spending so much time and money on these apps.

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