The best Iphone News Apps

I am a voracious reader and like to keep abreast with the latest in the world. So when I downloaded my first “News” Iphone app (almost an year back) – USA Today & NYT, I was thrilled. Both the apps proved to be an excellent source of quality news and proved a great replacement for hard print media (sad but true). Since then, my iphone has seen a myriad collection of news apps – some  really great and some so-so.

However, with 100K apps in the app store vying for the real estate on your iphone(you can just download 129 non-apple apps at a time), you need to be real picky 🙂 So, if you are a news buff, here is my pick of the top news apps that you would wanton your iphone.

To evaluate a news app, I will use the following high level criteria since most of the news apps have the same basic “features” more or less.

  • Scope of the Content: Obviously, the scope of the content has to meet your interest – Global Vs National Vs Local.
  • Category of the Content:  Entertainment Vs Political Vs Tech Vs Everything
  • Format of the Content: Images Vs Text Vs Video

My top apps are: CNN, AP Mobile, USA Today, NYT, Yahoo Finance, E! Online & Wired. See below for comparisons/detailed reviews.

And Of Course, you can never go wrong with a RSS Reader. After being disappointed with many cool (& bulky) RSS Reader apps, I am now recommending the simple and light weight RSS Runner.

So.. Enjoy. And let me know what you thought of this personal preview.



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